A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen

A fantastic and important reminder that as much as fundraising can be exploitative, it can also just as much be a form of ministry. These are truths that I need to have permeate my heart and my habits. Some of the highlights of the book for me include the following:

“If our security is totally in God, then we are free to ask for money. Only when we are free from money can we ask freely for others to give it. This is the conversion to which fundraising as ministry calls us.”

A Spirituality of Fundraising, page 43

This one too:

“Once we are prayerfully committed to placing our whole trust in God and have become clear that we are concerned only for the kingdom; once we have learned to love the rich for who they are rather than what they have; and once we believe that we have something of great value to give them, then we will have no trouble at all in asking someone for a large sum of money.”

A Spirituality of Fundraising, page 44

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is intentionally seeking to raise money to fund Kingdom work. Here’s the link to purchase.

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